Top 10 Best Vegetarian Food Recipes For Indians

Top 10 Best Vegetarian Food Recipes For Indians

Are you a hardcore non-vegetarian and are of the notion that there are only a few selective options in vegetarian dishes? If this is the scene, then you will be surely delighted to know a wide range of amazing and finger licking dishes that vegetarians enjoy quite often.

India is a country where being vegetarian can be a choice due to taste, or also an option due to religious beliefs. Whatever be the case, there is no such lacking in vegetarian dishes if you are planning to throw a party or if there is a big function in the family.

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Here is a list of 10 amazingly best vegetarian food recipes for Indians.

Matar Paneer

This one particular dish is well celebrated all over India no matter whatever reason people belong from. Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is one of those Indian cheeses that are available easily,and people take full advantage of its existence.

The masala of the dish is made by blending certain ingredients such as red tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped green chillies, chopped ginger and garlic, chopped coriander, chopped cashew nuts, black peppercorns, cloves, cinnamon and coriander seeds. Other ingredients used are red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and garam masala powder. The main ingredients of the dish remain peas, paneer and cream.

Rajma Chawal

A dish that is originated from the region of Punjab has now been popular in each and every part of India. This particular dish made out of red kidney beans cooked in amazing tomato gravy and is served with white rice is simple yet extremely finger licking.

The basic rule of cooking rajma or the kidney beans is to soak it in water overnight. Then the next day it is cooked with green chillies, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, chopped onions, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and of course salt. Later on, also garam masala can be added to the curry if you wish to have it spicy. This is mainly consumed with steamed rice.


If you are in Mumbai and have by chance missed out on PavBhaji, definitely you were never in Mumbai. PavBhaji is one of the most important dishes in Mumbai and now a day has spread all across India, and it is not at all surprising when it comes to the taste it provides to the tongue.

The bhaji made out of potatoes, capsicum, cauliflower, and tomato in loads and not to forget the chunky amount of butter in it, along with her secretly made up pavbhaji masala is something the tongue would never refuse. Also, the pav or the bread toasted in a chunk of butter and served with the bhaji is definitely something nobody would miss out on.


This is again one of the delicacies that Uttar Pradesh can proudly flaunt off. This particular dish of BaatiChokha is just like a bomb of flavours waiting to explode in the mouth. It is delicious in its own way.

It is basically made of fried or baked wheat flour dumplings filled with a mixture of besan or yellow gram flour, onions, tomato and other spices. Along with that accompanies the chokha which is made out of roasted and deskinned brinjal, boiled potatoes, roasted tomatoes and other flavouring herbs all mashed in together. The best part about BaatiChokha is definitely the ghee smeared dumplings.

Dal BatiChurma

One of the unique delicacies provided by the region of Rajasthan to the entire nation is Dal Bati Churma. This particular dish is so enriched with hot spices and ghee the people can hardly imagine of the same.

It is a perfect balance of various spices in it and is extremely hot by nature. Small dumplings of wheat are used as a whole and are baked in raw low flaming fire. After that, the dal is made out of 5 different dals boiled together and seasoned with the help of hot spices fried in ghee. When it is served the roasted dumplings are pulverised and are known as Churma and it is accompanied by the hot dal.


This perfect vegetarian dish from the lap of Bengal is really something that everybody should try at a given time. It is extremely tasty as well as healthy by nature. It is perfectly cooked in light gravy and includes a variation of different vegetables.

The choices of the vegetables depend on the various households, but few of the most common vegetables generally are the bitter gourd, potato, brinjal, raw papaya, yard long beans, etc.

This particular dish has many health benefits,especially when consumed during summer and apart from that the taste is definitely something no one can miss on.


This particular dish needs no introduction. It belongs from the south of India and people can always consume it no matter whatever time of the day it is. Made from a batter of uncooked fermented rice grains and urad dal grains, this looks like a thin plain paper and can be consumed like this only.

It can also be filled with masala aloo and smeared with various types of chutneys. This has a lot of variation and can always be an experiment with.

Aloo gobi

Aloo gobi is considered one of the most famous dishes that the entire India can flaunt off. Each and every region has aloo gobi on their menu, and everybody specialists in making the same in different ways. The Cauliflower and potato dish is something that each and every person loves and enjoy making and eating no matter whatever season it is.


It is one of the most renowned pilafs in the entire world. It totally flaunts of the Mughal cuisine and consists of 9 different types of vegetables in it. Thus the name is “Navratna”, meaning 9 gems. It is flavored with the Mughal spices and can definitely be consumed anytime of the day.

The Kashmiri aloo dum

Definitely,it is one of the most important delicacies from one of the most beautiful regions that India has. The Kashmiri aloo dum is prepared in a unique style with the help of the potatoes, Kashmiri red chillies and asafoetida to forget the gravy made out of curd and various other flavorings.

These unique dishes from each and every part of India can definitely be considered the best vegetarian dishes available.