It is not laziness (okay, sometimes it is) or the décor of the coffee house that gets us out of our places and into our favorite coffee house near me. Not even the hand-roasted, artisanal beans or precisely balanced latte prepared by trained baristas. It is more than eternal. Going to the coffee shops nearby again and again is a constant phenomenon that can only be understood by a coffee (cocoa) lover. A great coffee shop has to feel special; some are ideally sparse or cosy like a home away from home – that gives us a patient comfort to revitalize. Here we bring you country’s top notch coffee shops. We also provide you the convenience to run a search of café near me locations. No matter which city you are residing or which city you are travelling – if you are trying to find the best coffee houses near be. This is the place where you should start your hunt. Here comes the list of best coffee houses. 1. Go Get Em Tiger (Los Angeles) Who would have thought that grabbing a coffee seem as fun and casual as getting a drink at your local bar? But Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski created that experience with amazing customer service. We bet if you visit the place once then you would not stop yourself from visiting them again and again. 2. Everyman Espresso (New York) If your dream coffee shop is the one that offers super friendly service with wonderful quality in coco beverages, NYC’s Everyman Espresso is your one stop destination. It is the coffee house that is not only meant to entertain the cool day nerds but deliver an awesome coffee experience to everyday person as well. 3. Peregrine Espresso (Washington, D.C.) Stellar customer service, great coffee and excellent atmosphere – these elements create Peregrine Espresso, located in Washington D.C. It is the energy between customers and baristas that engages every single customer of the café in learning more about coffee. Also, the place includes an award-winning barista Dawn Shank. The list does not end here. There is a lot more to share, and if you want, there are search options available to locate the best café whichever city you wish for.


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