American’s use applications for home delivery

Everyone loves the convenience and people in the United States make sure that they get it conveniently only. According to a report Americans are now turning towards using applications and websites only to place a food delivery order. They are using the technology at its max to get these orders, and why is this exactly happening? Restaurants near me that deliver now have also moved to online ordering services.

Only convenience? Well not sure, but according to an analysis the online food delivery service orders have expanded and exactly doubled from 403 million orders to 904 million orders in the year 2015.

According to the CEO’s of the big companies the online ordering, applications give that level of convenience to the customers that they have had always desired for.

And according to the big players of the online fast food ordering companies’ data, they all collect an order of about 1.6 million in a week.

American’s use applications for home delivery

One of the biggest players of Grub hub of food delivery at home in the United States has collected orders worth of 1.5 billion dollars and they claim about 61 percent of these orders to be online orders only.

And almost all the food delivery companies that are into online ordering and even the restaurants near me open now that have online systems collected about 2. 6 billion dollar revenue in the year 2016.

It is not only about the convenience that these applications are giving to the customers but they even offer the customers different coupons and discounts to attract them.

The loyal customers even get some edge over benefits in terms of discounts or interesting offers, like dominos has reduced rates if the people order from their online website, this is mainly done to increase their online customer base.

Fast food restaurants near me open now are also delivering food short distance so the customers are becoming lazier to even travel a short distance to get food. This is not only helping the customers but also reducing the ambiance and place cost of the owner, he need not require a good big place to run his fast-food chain now.

According to the report in the year 2015, the revenue of the food restaurants in the United States together made a profit of about 745.61 billion dollars, out of this about 203 billion dollars is contributed by the fast food restaurants. The fast-food chain restaurants are rapidly increasing in the whole of United States and there are about 3 lakh restaurants in the United States so finding using an application you can easily spot a restaurant near me open now.

People are now more into home delivery and the no of orders placed online are incredibly increasing day by day, back in the year 2013 about only 18 percent of the total revenue included the take-out and deliveries. But now in the year only 20 percent of the revenue is been generated from the online orders and take out services of the restaurants. There has been a drastic change in the whole of a delivery pattern of the people.

Earlier takeout was more popular than the delivery services and people preferred to take their food from the drive-through. But now with the online ordering and other services, people prefer to order online and make sure that they get their food conveniently.

Pizza is the most ordered food and many fast food restaurants near me open now deliver pizza at people’s doorsteps and out of them about almost half of them are now moving towards online ordering and other services.

About 48 percent of people in the United States believe that having food online is the best and out of these about 25 percent of men order online food delivery and about 18 percent of women prefer online orders.

In the year 2015, the pizza home delivery reached to a profit of about 9.7 billion dollars and the same year pizza hut the leading pizza company became the topmost seller of the pizza and the second best pizza outlet was the dominos who sold the largest amount of pizzas.

The consumption of the fast food has increased drastically with the home delivery services, now so many restaurants are more into home delivery and they even have special outlets just used for taking away and home delivery, with the below mentioned steps one can easily spot the restaurant near me that deliver now.

How do I find good restaurants near me?

Final words

With the technology comes the convenience, one can easily get the convenience and tasty hot food delivered to them using the applications and websites mentioned above. In case you want to dine out and spend some time you can even get the sorted list of all the restaurants and the type of cuisine they serve and their menu and rate cards by using those applications.

The applications work on both the android phones and the Apple phones so they are and can be accessed by both, though the online ordering now becomes a trend in the United States even the college students prefer to not chill at the fast food restaurants near me open now but instead they would like to have their food delivered at their places.

So these websites and applications are quite beneficial if someone is solely looking for convenience when it comes to food. Or else they can even get restaurant near me open right now is also available on the applications in a sorted pattern and listed form.

Always remember online food ordering are also giving discount and offers so you can avail the benefit of those to get food at cheaper rates, well this is one of the prime reason that the online ordering service requirement has improved lately and many restaurants and fast food chains make a junk of profit from these online ordering systems and applications.

Thank you.